Calligraphed excerpt - Captain Corelli's Mandolin

It is not uncommon for me to receive requests for calligraphed or letterpress printed wedding vows, poems or excerpts for one year anniversary gifts, the traditional gift being paper.  Last week I letterpress printed a couple's vows, and just earlier today I finished this excerpt from Captain Corelli's Mandolin.  I have to say, as much time as it takes to design the layout of the vows and then set up on the letterpress, it is certainly easier than lengthy calligraphed pieces such as this one.  I confess, I did make an error and had to start all. over. again... but it comes with the territory.  And it's not like I made an error while chipping away at Michelangelo's David or anything.  I can't imagine how he felt when he made a mistake (although I did read that he completely smashed a huge piece of marble out of rage once... error induced). Where was I? Right... anyhow, I hope the couple enjoys it for years to come; that is what makes the effort so worthwhile.  Tara, who hired me to complete this piece as a gift to her husband, wanted an antiqued look and opted for deckle edges.  I couldn't find a suitable sheet of paper with deckle edges, so I made them myself with a handy deckle edge ruler.  Perfecto!  Tara, I like your style.

Script style shown:  Flourished Copperplate