Inaugural post! Why not brag a little?

Finally, here we are!  After a barrage of people telling me "you need a blog," scores of curious minds wondering "do you have a blog?" and me shaking my own shoulders and telling myself "get a blog already!"... I finally have a blog.  Even more pat-on-the-back-earning, I am writing a post.  Goodness, this IS exciting!  Even my dad has a blog and he's retired! So, on with it already.  While the main purpose of this blog is to share new design and stationery projects, I will also be posting cool downloads (some free, some not-so-much-but-totally-worth-it), new products in the store (on the way, my dears!) and things that I find too utterly fabulous not to share.  Oh, and DISCOUNTS + GIVEAWAYS!  Please, people, let's not miss out on those.

... I will also be bragging.  For instance, I will brag about this recent feature in Style Me Pretty, for a most gracious bride, Laura, who was living in Australia while I was working with her.  Laura chose one of Little Miss Press's top sellers for her invitation suite- the Classic Scroll- but made it her own with a stunning decorative paper envelope liner  and a lovely navy ink (if I was a better photographer, you'd see it was navy, and not black).  The Pebble Beach wedding was, like the invitation suite, truly classic.  You can see it here.  Congratulations to Laura and Michael!